About Luvst


We do PARTIES,and by Parties I mean Parties!!


We're open to Kinksters, Ravers, Fetishists, Vanilla's and nearly everyone interested.

We don't organize BDSM- 'Meetings' and we don't focus just on BDSM, but there are plenty of 'silent' rooms for any sort of play!! (And of course also, Fuckin' noisy ones!!)

What to expect from Luvst?


Accessing the gallery

The Gallery is not available at the moment. Stay tuned for an update!

Because of privacy reasons, every photo gallery is protected by a different username and password.
Usernames and passwords are provided by the Luvst photographers.

For more information on how to obtain login information: see the Contact page for details.

You are only allowed to use your own photos on other websites, profiles and/or forums.
If you want to use a photo of some else on a website profile and/or forum, you need to ask for their permissiom first.
If you post a photo of some else on a profile, website and/or forum without their permission, it will be considered a violation of copyright and privacy and will be subject to legal action.