About Luvst


We do PARTIES,and by Parties I mean Parties!!


We're open to Kinksters, Ravers, Fetishists, Vanilla's and nearly everyone interested.

We don't organize BDSM- 'Meetings' and we don't focus just on BDSM, but there are plenty of 'silent' rooms for any sort of play!! (And of course also, Fuckin' noisy ones!!)

What to expect from Luvst?


Luvst - Halloween X-Rave

phoca thumb l 29 10 2016 front

Celebrate Halloween on Luvst!

Straight, Gay or Bi, everyone is welcome!
This is an Halloween-Rave with: swimming pool, sauna, turkish bath, at least 4 jacuzzi's, bdsm-attic, bar, dance-sellar and more, for all you hedonistic extremists! We welcome all ravers, hedonists, tekno-heads, kinksters, exhibitionists, cyber-goths, free-love-hippies, fetishists and young openminded freaks. Straight, Gay or Bi, everyone is welcome!


Main Stage:

Stefan ZMK & Li-Z (Tekno/Industrial/Hardcore)
- Chemical Chris (Early Hardcore/90's Rave)
- Dj Phill (Tekno/Experimental)
- Dj ZeerRaar (Cheesy/Corny & HORRORble)


Smokin' Area:

- Dagmar & Muis - (K9) Darkwave/70's 80's Punk



October 29, 2016, 22:00 - 05:00


Want to attend?

Mail the Luvst Gatekeeper at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



€ 25,- available at the door. No need to register. 



We will be dealing drinks for coins. Minimal amount is 2 coins per person (€ 2,50 for each coin, 1 beer = 1 coin Towel = 1 coin)

Bring cash. No pin available!!!!!



Fetish, Cyber, Goth, Lingerie, Naked, Halloween, Uniforms, Leather, Cross Dressing, Latex, almost everything is possible but NO casual/street-wear


Areas & Rooms

Blue-bar open after 22.00 (This is the Smoking area. Smoking in all other area's is NOT allowed)
The Temple open after 22:00
Dance area open after 22:00
Blue-bar open after 22:00
Heaven/Hell open after 00:00
Swimmingpool area open after 00:00
Sauna/turkish bath open after 00:00
6 play/bedrooms with jacuzzi, shower etc. open after 00:00
Gynaecologist-Room with chair open after 00:00
Darkroom open after 00:00
Bdsm attic open after 00:00. 2 rooms with sling, pillory, suspension points , cross, bondage table.


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