About Luvst


We do PARTIES,and by Parties I mean Parties!!


We're open to Kinksters, Ravers, Fetishists, Vanilla's and nearly everyone interested.

We don't organize BDSM- 'Meetings' and we don't focus just on BDSM, but there are plenty of 'silent' rooms for any sort of play!! (And of course also, Fuckin' noisy ones!!)

What to expect from Luvst?


ElectroSplash Edition


31 03 2018 front


This is a Rave for all you hedonistic extremists! We welcome all ravers, hedonists, Cyber-Goths, Tekno-heads, kinksters, exhibitionists, free-love-Punks, fetishists and young openminded freaks. Straight, Gay or Bi, everyone is welcome! 

Also so called 'vanilla's', yes, once you were one too!! ;-) 
Show them how It's done!!!

 31 03 2018back


Tim Jaeger - Electroclashics!
Don Voyage - Electro/Italodisco
Elektrovolt - Electro LiveSet
Pham de la Creme - Chicago/Acid House
Dagmar, Muis & Gespuis - Darkwave/Punk/Industrial
Holy Monk Roenje - Berlinbeats
Visiuals by Aniusia.com


March 31 2018, 22:00 - 04:30

Want to attend?

Mail the Luvst Gatekeeper at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Travel/Parking information

Tram 3 from The Hague Central Station. Stop: Fahrenheirstraat
Tram 12 from The Hague Hollands Spoor. Stop: Fahrenheitstraat

Parking from 18:00-00:00 @ 1.70 Euro/Hour. Free parking after midnight.


Cost 25,- Euros and are available at the door; no need to register.


We will be dealing drinks for coins. Minimal amount is 2 coins per person (€ 2,50 for each coin, 1 beer = 1 coin, Towel = 1 coin)

Bring cash. No pin available!!!!!


No Streetwear!!!! 
Save the planet, save on fabric.
We do not want to be strict, fascistic or force you into a certain way of dressing but casual/street-wear will be punished by 

  • A) DEATH!! or:
  • B) Ballbusting by Ron (and trust me, you want to pick A)

Areas & Rooms

THE TEMPLE : will open from 22:00
Blue-bar (This is the Smoking area. Smoking in all other area's is NOT allowed)
HEAVEN / HELL : will open from 22:00
Main Stage will open @ 22:00
Swimmingpool area 
6 play/bedrooms with jacuzzi and shower etc. 
Gynaecologist-Room with chair 
Bdsm attic: 2 rooms with sling, pillory, suspension points , cross, bondage table. 

Dressing Rooms

There are several drressing rooms, all with lockers.


Ron;s snack feast :-)

House Rules


All our parties are 18+ !!


Hard drugs are NOT allowed!!!
There is a smoking area for all you hippie stoners ;-)


Consentual sex is allowed.


Please respect others and their play. Without respect we couold never do crazy shit like Luvst, capiche!? :-)

Playgrounds, Pools, Sauna

There are several play devices in all area's. Please play as hard, ruff, gentle & much as you like but please clean after play. (we provide all cleaning materials).
In the Sauna-Area no shoes are allowed! Please mind your step as the floor may get wet and therefore a bit slippery.
The pool area is also a no-smoking area! You can rent a clean towel at Ron's desk.

Smartphones, Photo- and Film equipment (aka camera's)

Phones & camera's are NOT allowed. Keep them out of sight (preferably: do not bring them, or leave them in your locker).


If you have any questions or comments please contact Luvst Gatekeeper through Facebook or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.