About Luvst


We do PARTIES,and by Parties I mean Parties!!


We're open to Kinksters, Ravers, Fetishists, Vanilla's and nearly everyone interested.

We don't organize BDSM- 'Meetings' and we don't focus just on BDSM, but there are plenty of 'silent' rooms for any sort of play!! (And of course also, Fuckin' noisy ones!!)

What to expect from Luvst?


Luvst Gatekeeper
Den Haag
+31 6 167 648 88
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Miscellaneous Information:

I'm Luvst Gatekeeper (Duco Scheltes) born in 1983 so the 90's ended when I was young, a bit too young!!

I started the Luvst group cause I missed out on that 90's extravaganza within the underground-party-scene!
In my daily life I: run an Antique/Vintage Shop, make music DuxoMusic, live in a truck (And yes that's actually a really good idea!! You should try it. :-) , love my wife, organize parties, make adverts & little movies, Am a sound/light/theater technician, I just love singing & playing guitar!!!